Lined Serpa Holster?
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Thread: Lined Serpa Holster?

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    Lined Serpa Holster?

    If i missed the info here i apologize ahead of time. I have a Springfield TRP 1911 and I have seen lined SERPA holsters in the past but never paid that much attention and should of. Curious of brand info and types that are available. Great firearm. Muted stainless. Just want to protect my investment. Thanks
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  3. I've not seen a factory lined Serpa anywhere. Likely those were folks that had them lined with felt (good idea if you're shooting a 1911 or anything else that scratches easily.

    Post it up if you find somewhere that actually sells them that way, others will appreciate the info.

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    The Safariland ALS holsters are lined and IN MY OPINION a much better holster than the Serpa

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