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Thread: Looking for a Dual Mag Carrier - IWB

  1. Chap,

    Are you going to give us the details and/or pics on that product?

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    Hey Iteach4U,

    Check out my links in #8 post above. I put the website link on each of the blue section of my post. ( Here they are again not buried as a hyperlink. ) Just click on the blue links and you will go there directly.

    Adams Holsters - htttp://adamsholsters.com/store/index.php?route=common/home

    (Picture of Holster) Ostrich Leg/Full Quill trim with full grain lining - http://adamsholsters.com/store/image/cache/data/holsters/l-adams-ostrich-800x600.jpg

    Awesome holster isn't it.


    PS, Once they arrive I'll be sure to post pic's
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    Wow, I just started browsing for "IWB dual mag carrier" after my current one is jabbing my side, and this thread came up. It's so exactly my same experience (probably from the same company), I had to double-check that I had not written the posting myself. I also purchased the IWB holster and dual-mag carrier; Love the holster, but the carrier jabs my side just like you said. I too sent the manufacturer a picture. In my case, however, the 13 rd mags from my XD-45 just barely stuck up above the leather. Another 1/4 or 1/2" of height on the leather and it'd be perfect! He's offering me to return the carrier for a full refund less shipping, which is nice, but doesn't solve my carrier problem. I'll have to check out the alternatives listed here.

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