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    LTL option

    How many of you think it wise to also carry a less than lethal option, anything like a pepperspary, knive you name it?

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    For starters: knives of sufficient size are not really "less than lethal." They're still considered lethal weapons.
    Though, knives have utility beyond even guns. A local incident here involved a car wreck with fire and a good Samaritan used a knife to cut the seatbelt and drag the driver out before the car went up in flames.

    For pepper spray, it's great to have for dangerous, but not yet lethal situations like aggressive dogs. Pepper spray isn't guaranteed to stop an attack, but there's nothing wrong with having multiple options available.

  4. I always carry a small folding knife. They're just too useful not to have one. But I don't consider it a weapon. It's just too small. And I doubt that it's legal to carry a knife big enough to be useful as a self defense weapon.

    I have a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms. If they had a Pennsylvania License to Carry Crocodile Dundie knives I'd reconsider the Large Knife option.

    I'd rather use a rolled up magazine as a weapon than a small knife.

    I would never carry Pepper Spay. It's so weak it's very near worthless. (Except against small animals). And I feel a good swift kick is a better option against dogs. I'm so much bigger than a dog that I don't worry about them. I know how to fight dogs. Their anatomy works against them.

    Anyway: manufactures make Pepper Spray waaaaay to mild. (I think they're afraid of liability if they made it stronger).

    The only advantage I can think of for the pepper spray option is: (if it has paint in it) the suspect will be easier to catch IF he flees the scene.

    I considered a "stun gun" but I have doubts that they work as well as they do on the Idiot Box. Plus I'm concerned that if I have one. And then do actually have to shoot someone. A jury might think I should have used the 50,000 volts instead of the 230 grains.

    If a Prosecutor tries to argue that I should have carried a "stun gun" rather than a Pistol: I can always argue that I've never heard of a case where a "stun gun" actually worked in a Self Defense situation. I have heard of, and can document, thousands of cases where a Pistol worked in a Self Defense situation. Many of them without a shot being fired.

    Plus I'd always be afraid the battery on the "stun gun" would fail when I needed it the most. I have fired 40 year old ammunition without any problems. The battery in my Flashlight fails a couple times a year.

  5. A cutting edge 1/4 inch long will kill just as well as any other edge. All you need to know is where and how to apply it. As far as less than lethal, cut someone across the forehead and watch them freak out from all of the blood pouring into their eyes. They will not die from the cut, it is easily repaired and it gives you time to leave. Any doctor would testify that it is a minor injury. Remember, any time you defend yourself call the Police as soon as possible, the first person who calls is Always the Victim and the other one is Always the Suspect.

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    I always have a Boker automatic on my belt. Ruger is with me when I am not going to or coming from work since carry at work is illegal.

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    I've thought about carrying a bullwhip. Worked well for Zorro and Indiana Jones.

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    I would but carrying a 12 gauge shoot gun with bean bag bullets is frown upon in the city.

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