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Thread: Crossbreed Holsters, a look at thier warranty behavior Good or bad.

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    Hello guys, an update in regard to the worn out/cracking kydex (on a SuperTuck). I sent it via USPS on the 3rd.

    Yesterday I recieved a new SuperTuck, complete, via USPS. Holy crap, talk about no quibbles, no fuss, just good customer service! 8 days after mailing the holster to them I get another one in the mail. Try THAT with ANY other company!!!

    I have every confindence that they treat every customer with great reverence (not just thread starters...) and that everyone can expect great service.

    Overall grade: A. (just a subjective, humble opinion)

    So, based on how well the holster conceals even a full size gun, how it is "wear all day" comfortable and how the (small) company follows through on their warranty matters I will tell you first hand that before anyone buys any other holster from any other company, be it an inexpensive or vastly expensive leather "dream" holster, you really do need to get a SuperTuck. If I had to pick only one for any of my handguns, it would be from Crossbreed and in fact is the holster I use daily. I had two of them, but just gave one to my daughter. I'm sold on them! They are ugly holsters, but who the hell besides you is gunna see it? :-)

    Honestly, I have purchased a couple of them and will always recommend them to anyone and everyone.

    (No, I don't work with Crossbreed, don't know anyone there)
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    The Breed!

    Been wearing a Crossbreed Tuck for about 8 months now with a Springfield XD40 weighing it down. It has to be the single most comfortable rig I have ever worn. When it comes to concealability, it even beats the custom leather rigs I have. Concealing a full size XD in the summer, in shorts and a T shirt is no trouble with the Crossbreed. Hands down the ugliest, most comfortable rig ever!

  4. Been Looking

    I've been looking for a IWB for awhile now. I came across an ad in the Anerican Handgunner mag and started looing into Crossbreed. I am very intrested any reviews by anybody on the SuperTuck.

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    Here's my review:
    Buy one and you will not be sorry!

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    It is an excellent Holster, I use one for my Glock 30 and it is very comfortable. I would highly recommend it, but don't order it if you don't have the patience to wait for it. It takes from 4 to 6 weeks to get one, although they told me they started another shift to get caught-up on the backorders. From what I have been reading, they are caught-up yet. I will be ordering another one soon myself.

  7. Thanks All

    I just want to say thank you to all who have responded to my request on information about the Super Tuck from Cross Breed. After all the reviews and responses, I am convinced that this is the one holster for me. I am more than willing to wait for delivery for a product that has so many great reviews and such a good warrenty also. So its save save my pennies time and get me a Cross Breed.

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