anybody use this on an XD? How good is it?
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Thread: anybody use this on an XD? How good is it?

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    anybody use this on an XD? How good is it?

    Laser Gun Sight : LaserLyte : Laser Bore Sighter : Sub-Compact Laser : Universal Rail Mount : Quick Detachable Laser : Universal Rifle & Shotgun : Gun Sight Accessories : Universal Lasersight

    I know they can be had about 150$ at Opticsplanet but are they worth it? I like the basic concept of adding a laser without needing to change holsters etc.

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    I haven't used this on my Xdm 45. I generally don't want a laser on my pistol. I don't want to become dependent on it for aim. What if the batteries go out at the wrong moment? I do have Tritium sights on the gun so I can aim in the dark if needed. But if it's that dark I won't be able to see what I'm aiming at. The laser also gives away your position too.

    That said I do have a laser mounted on my shotgun, along with a light with a momentary contact switch. The light is very bright and will blind the perp for a few seconds and at least leave spots in his eyes. But again, both the laser and light give away my position.

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    I have a crimson trace laser grip on my XD .45. Don't worry about batteries dying. They don't just die, u'll know when to change them far before they wud fail. As far as giving away ur position. False! With the laser grip u can cover the aperture with ur trigger finger until u aquire ur Target. Then u move ur finger to the trigger, the for down! $285 for the XD. Well worth it.

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