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Thread: How do you wear your Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkaw View Post
    can you explain the combat cut
    A "combat" cut is where some of the excess leather is trimmed away. This is supposed to make it easier to get a proper grip before the draw and increase the speed of which you can draw.

    I think both has held to be true for me. I also like it because it seems to be a little bit cooler when I wear the holster next to my skin; as ooppsed to wearing an under garmet.


    As to the position I wear my CBST and my guns cant; I say it depends.

    I'm a "Righty". So, if I wear dress clothes (without a jacket) and I "tuck", I wear my trimmed down CBST "Deluxe" at 1:00-2:00 (AIWB); in a slightly more straight cant.

    If I'm dressed more casually and I'm not worried about tucking my shirt in, I sometimes carry at 3-3:30 in an FBI cant.


    What I have discovered is:
    The dress pants & dress short I wear tend to produce more "bulge" than I like when carrying at 3-3:30. So, I either more to the AIWB (appendix) position or I wear a cover garmet that conceals to bulge. I find when I cary AIWB the "bulge" completely vanishes.

    The only drawback I've found with AIWB is if you bend, squat, stoop or sit & stand a WHOLE LOT it can become uncomfortable. I think this has more to to with the "depth" of which the holster rides when I carry.

    I could carry "higher". But, I like the "security" a little deeper ride offers. (It hasn't happened; but, it feels as if my gun god fall out when I carry "higher" in the AIWB position.)

    Oh yeah, ONE more VERY important thing-
    Buy one or two GOOD "gunbelts". I would also buy belts with the velcro lining on the inside. That way if you want COMPLETE concealment, you can get the "velcro" clips from Crossbreed which hide behind your belt. (This is really GREAT if you have to wear tucked "without" a cover garmet.)

    Anyway, I hope this helps you.


  3. Part of the reasoning with the combat cut is that you don't have to manipulate your thumb between the firearm and the leather of the holster. It's nice for polymer framed pistols, but I wouldn't suggest it for metal pistols or rough textured grips.

    The metal pistols will be directly against the skin which is a guarantee that you'll be fighting rust, clean it daily and it's a non-issue. As for the rough textured grips, rub one on a bare arm and you'll understand exactly why I don't suggest the combat cut for a rough textured grip....think rough grit sandpaper against the skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff S View Post
    I just received my permit and have been carrying a Gen4 G26 in a CBSTD Horsehide/Combat cut. I am a lefty and wear at around 8:00. Just curious, those who have a CBSTD, where do you wear it and what holes do you have the clips set on? I have read some comments that you will find your "sweet spot" and some mention they forget they have it on. Compared to not carrying, I don't think I will ever not notice I am carrying. I am 5'5" and weigh 145 lbs (not overweight but very fit and muscular). Been trying different cants and not quite sure I've found my sweet spot. Thanks in advance.
    I just got my CBSTD today, and after trying different positions for the clips, i think i have it adjusted were i like it the most. I have the front clip on the third hole from the bottom, and the rear clip on the bottom hole. Im also left handed and found the 8:00 position to be the most comfortable.

  5. In the summer does your gun rub your skin with no tshirt on

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkaw View Post
    In the summer does your gun rub your skin with no tshirt on
    No t-shirt between the holster/gun and skin has not been an issue yet. Been wearing a CBST for a couple of years now concealing either a glock 23 or 27. The leather will need more attention of course in the hot, sweaty months of summer tho IMHO. No, Checkaw, I can't say there has been any real issues worth worrying about thus far wether it's summer or winter with the SuperTuck. In fact, I'd wear this holster to Front Sight although they don't recommend an IWB holster. I've been there a few times and I would feel comfortable next trip out there with the SuperTuck as it's easy to reholster and would stand up well, IMHO, to the day in and day out - all day work out for four straight days. I'd take a spare tho, as Murphy likes the Pahrump, NV area!

    There are times when i do not want to tuck in my shirt, say some short of collared casual, and if I feel the gun may be exposed if I raise my arms thus raising the shirt bottom, well, I'll put a t-shirt on first and tuck that with the CBST. Then, all someone might see is t-shirt. I'll of course not stand there posing with my arms up so they won't get to look over the gun butt shape under the t-shirt so as to allow giving up my concealment... Again, there is no t-shirt between the holster leather/gun and skin and that has not yet been an issue over a few years now at all. -note- However you carry please train yourself that particular draw stroke until it's second nature and can be done without thinking as someone trying to kill you will cause the adrenaline to remove your ability to think about anything else than the immediate threat!!!

    They have a sturdier belt clip now, having gone from the original (weak) kydex to a cross-shaped hole in the middle metal one that bent easily, to what they are using now. Initially, that was my only issue aside from price. In fact, I ordered a couple of extra clip-kits to replace them as they wore out. The current belt clip is much better tho.

    Galco has come out now with a holster that is competing with CBST, the "Kingtuck", so CB musta got it right, as you know what the sincerest form of flattery is!

    Soooo, long story short: No, not a problem for me yet with nothing between me and the holster/gun.
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    Well, it took a few weeks but I found my sweet spot. Front clip second from the top and rear clip third from the top. Holster at 8:00.

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