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  1. Still not comfortable

    Iím new to concealed carry, and I would ďthinkĒ that the two carry guns I have would be much more comfortable then they are for me. (Kahr CM9 w/ a Desantis SofTuck and a S&W642 with a Highnoon Hidden ally - who has GREAT customer service for what itís worth)

    If I pocket carry, they are both great, but at times, the IBW is the needed option for the clothes Iím wearing. I know it must be me, and I havenít found the exact "comfort zone." Standing, no problem, but sitting I feel like Iím getting jabbed with the butt of the gun and or both the butt and bottom of the holster.
    Iím trying to not spend the $$$ for a Crossbreed or something like that based on the size of what I carry should be no issue with most holsters. Any thoughts?

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    Bite the bullet and get the Supertuck. You will be happy with it

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    I kinda falls back on you get what you pay for. I have a few Crossbreed Holsters and I really like them. I just save up my mad money and get one when I can afford it. The last gun I put on layaway, I bought the holster first. I even had the Crossbreed holster at home before I'd finished paying on the layaway and picked the pistol up. There are several options out there and sometimes it is just trial and error. I've heard good things about the Kholster, but I've never used one. There is also the MTAC. I was lucky since the first thing I tried worked good for me.

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    If you CC your piece, try the pouch from sportsmans guide, It slides onto your belt and is basically a fanny pack type deal...
    Small pouch, zippered to stay closed.. you could also stick your cell phone or keys in it... Wont print, doesn't look anything like a holster and is not bulky.... Hangs on your belt and wont jab you when you sit down,,, I think it is around $20.00
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    The Crossbreed MiniTuck should fix your problem you get a discount if you are an NRA member.

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    I carry a J-Frame in a Galco King Tuck or a 4006 in a Crossbreed super tuck. The Galco is just as good an you don't have to wait 5 weeks for it. You do get what you pay for in a holster and will have to keep trying positions and holsters until one works perfectly. Even with the big gun and a golf shirt, it is still perfectly concealed and I sometimes don't even feel I am carrying it when sitting. Being the 4006 is a steel frame gun, it is heavy so a good belt is key.

    Comparing the two, in my opinion, the Galco is better made and has held up better but it only holds a small revolver. The Crossbreed has a much more difficult task and it has done just fine. Lifetime warranty can't be beaten either on the Crossbreed.

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    Do it right and do and do it once. I use a comp-tac.way more bang for your buck than any crossbreed.and you will save money by buying one good holster than a bunch of cheapies.

  9. Yeah, it's too bad Mark won't make the Minituck with the kydex for your firearm(s). I'd like to think it's the way to go with those pistols.

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    You're going to get a lot of opinion on which holster is best. Kydex vs leather. IWB vs OWB. I've seen this debate a hundred times. Everyone is right...and everyone is wrong.

    You need to find a solution for you that is "comfortable enough" - but a little pressure or minor discomfort is a normal thing. In fact it's a GOOD thing as it reminds you that you are carrying.

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    Try a shoulder holster(if your choice of clothing will allow it), or even a ankle holster. Not everyone can carry on their side due to the comfort reason. A lot of it is just playing with the holster till you find your "Sweet spot."


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