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Thread: What all do you carry on a daily basis?

  1. 9000s Beretta

    I have noticed a few of you carry the 9000s. I am aware this gun is discontinued but I have always wanted one. I have read the reviews and boy are they mixed (on other site-forums) any thoughts here?

  3. 686 Plus 4''
    Cell phone
    SureFire Z2
    2 Speedloaders For 686
    1 Speedloader For 642
    North American Arms Mini 22LR
    Spyderco Military Model Knife
    Boker Plus Knife

  4. #33
    pockit knife
    cell phone
    tape measure
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    Gun w/ 3-4 reloads (sngl. stack mags)
    Bug no reloads
    cheap utilaty knife small in pocket
    A medium sized sharp folder not for defence
    flashlight Surefire led 120 lums
    Pen and paper
    c-note folded in walet

  6. standard carry
    Glock 35
    3 Mags
    5" cold steel
    personal cell
    work cell
    money clip

  7. Left Front Pocket: Keys, 10% OC Spray
    Right Pocket: Eye Drops, Lip Balm, Cell Phone, Compact 21" Expandable Friction Lock Baton
    Right Back Pocket: Wallet/Cred Case


    BELT (Counter Clockwise)
    Sig P239 9mm in a Pancake Holster
    Spare Mag
    Kershaw Whirlwind Assisted Opening Knife
    LED Mini Flashlight

    I wear a loose fitting t-shirt untucked and since I'm a skinny guy, nobody has a clue.
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    Drivers license, carry permit, money, one Cerdit card, one bank debit card, no wallet, PX4 40 cal IWB and S&W 649 38 in a pocket hoster. Back pack with a Nikon D2h 10-20 mm, 70-200 mm, 28-70mm, 50mm 1.4 lenes and two SB 800 Flashes. I'm also a big Photo nut.
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  9. Fascinating! Carguy4471 posts some thoughtful observations relevant to all who habitually carry defensive weaponry. One person responds, then everybody goes back to inventorying their pants load of guns, reloads (3-4?), multiple knives, batons, OC spray, etc. As if CG4471 never existed!

    Forums survive thru intelligent give and take.

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    Various 9mms or sw40s (depending on location and attire)
    spare mag
    3" auto knife
    small LED flashlight if out at night

  11. Smile

    Glock 30; 2 spare mags; S&W 36 (BUG); 3 speedloaders for BUG; 1 ammo pouch with single rounds for BUG; SOG folding knife; Surefire L-4; cell phone.
    Stay safe - DW
    NRA Endowment Member
    Retired Fed

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