N82 (Nate squared) holsters
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Thread: N82 (Nate squared) holsters

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    N82 (Nate squared) holsters

    I have become a big fan of the N82 IWB holsters made in Lexington, NC.
    These are incredibly comfortable holsters. I use them with a G23, P11 and LCR 357.

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    Good to know. I heard a good review over at defensive carry and you are the 2nd person to reaffirm. One question though... Are they tuckable?

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    Its not like a Super Tuck, it's strictly IWB. I wear these under an island shirt or large t-shirt in the summer.
    You can visit the Nate Squared Tactical web site to see the store & examples. I've never paid over $37 for one.

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    looks good, i'm in for one to start, try it on my 1911ES

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    ok Tamerlane.

    I like the looks of the holster, but why do you like them?

    can you explain, please. .... Is it the price, the material, the comfort, the concealment factor?

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    Yes-all the above factors. Especially comfort and concealment.

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    ok, excellent.

    I ordered one last night...Will use it as soon as it comes in and evaluate it.

    Thanks for the information. If it works well I will recommended it in my next CHL /CCW class.

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    I have been wearing the n8 2 tactical for the last couple of months and really like it. It only has one belt clip but the suede lining on the skin side helps to keep it from moving around. The gun side has soft leather while sewn inbetween is the same material they make dive suits out of. Here in SC it is hot and humid. I have found that with the leather they tend to bleed thru. Even the horsehide. I have not had that problem with this holster. The only drawback is the stretch material they use to hold the weapon. It is not hard like Kydex so it tends to collapse when the wepon is removed and makes for a hard reholster. I have talked to the company and they are researching a kydex like material that will help with this problem. Other than that. It's comfortable, won't bleed thru and the clip holds it securley to my gunbelt. Hope this helps.
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