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    I"ve been trying the 5.11 holster shirts lately and I really like them. I've gone on a few long rides with my Sig P229 in one pocket and my Kahr CW9 in the other. Totally comfortable with no sagging.
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    I'm looking for ideas on a vest that could be used for both CCW and motorcycling. So far I've found one, from concealed carry outfitters. Here's the link:

    The Holster Vest

    I guess the black oilskin one might work OK, but I'd prefer leather. I will be putting a 10" x 9" patch on the back and would like to conceal my firearm in the vest.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?
    I ran into those people at the Big Reno Gun Show. You may not have to look any further. They had a bunch of stuff on display. The owner demonstrated the vest to us. They are nice. He wanted $199. I didn't have the money to buy one. Yes, I know. How can somebody go to a gun show without money? Those vests are made of durable material too. I would look into one.

    I am going to buy one when I have the money.
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