concealed carry holster for SW325 Night Guard
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Thread: concealed carry holster for SW325 Night Guard

  1. Smile concealed carry holster for SW325 Night Guard

    Looking for either an in the pocket holster or iwb holster for my SW325 Night Guard. Right now I carry the Taurs Milenniunm PRO .45 in a pocket holster. Would really like something similar for the SW325.

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    For IWB I'd contact Jimmy at [email protected] to see if he can hook ya up. The N-Frame isn't listed as one he currently does, but with it being a newer model he may be looking to start. Don't take one glance at the Kholster and laugh it off, you can modify them however you prefer and they're still 100% covered under warranty. Kholster is great and you can use my rebate code 05-9197 for 10% off. It gives me 25% off my next Kholster, and when you get yours, you'll have a discount code to give out for folk to get 10% off and when they use your code you get 25% off.

    Unsure if Desantis makes a Cozy Partner for that model, but I have one of those and really like it as well. I prefer the Kholster cause it's thinner and you can tuck your shirt around the gun.

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