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Thread: CC while jogging. advice/experience.

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    I have run thousands of miles cross country with a S&W 9mm in 6 o'clock position. I use an inexpensive padded cloth holster, with the belt on the outside, to keep the gun firmly pressed against my back. To allow quick draw, I do not use the velcro retaining strap. Caution-- without the strap, the gun can fall out if you have to dive for cover! Practice!

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    Jog with someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    Jog with someone.

    Point taken.

  5. There are still some athletic shorts that come with belt loops. I wear those with a belt and an IWB holster, and a t-shirt covering the grip of the pistol. The holster I use for jogging is made of canvas...I don't think leather would hold up to the nightly sweating. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same method I use with my everyday attire. But I jog with a J-Frame, not my usual heavier pistol.

  6. Thunderwear and Kel Tec p3at problem solved

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