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Thread: How about those CCW Breakaway britches! Any experience?

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    I just bought a pair of men's denim shorts at SAM's last week before we left for Georgia. It has two deep pockets and on top of the right deep pockets are two other pockets on top. They are really comfortable for pocket carry that after awhile I forgot I had my Bersa in it until I heard the clank when I went to the toots. After I got home I was sorry I bought only one. I am going back to SAM's tomorrow to buy a few more pairs of them. Summery hot here so I need some new shorts. I can't wear men's long pants...not sexy enough...
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    The "toots"!

    I LOVE you Aussies!
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  4. I'm about to order the khakis. I'll let you know how they work out.

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