Best Gun and Carry for Weak Hand ONLY
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Thread: Best Gun and Carry for Weak Hand ONLY

  1. Best Gun and Carry for Weak Hand ONLY

    What is the best gun to carry when your strong side arm/hand is unexpectedly incapacitated?

    How would you carry it ?

    Reasons for choosing it ?

    I have my ideas, but I'm curious about what everyone else thinks.........

    Thanks !

    :D :D :D


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    I carry my BUG, usually a Ruger SP101 in .357 mag, in a support side carry holster. I like the Ruger because it's small, effective and I can shoot it well with either hand. Also, since it's a revolver, there is no slide to rack or levers to manipulate.

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    I carry a Kel-Tec P32 W/ clip draw, front waistband left of buckle. Fits perfectly in my pelvic dip between my hip bone and stomach, never feel it.
    I can draw it weak or strong hand.

    Side note> I practice drawing my strong side wepon in iwb 4 o'clock with weak hand both ways (around my stomach and behind my back). And I practice reloading, racking and firing one handed (strong and weak).

  5. Clarification in the Topic Focus

    When I said your primary arm was "unexpectedly incapacitated," I meant that you broke your arm falling of the ladder or some-such, NOT being wounded in a gunfight.

    Let's say you break your arm on Saturday........what gun in what holster would you be wearing on Monday morning?


  6. Off Duty I carry two guns, thinking of making it three.

    Strong Side Hip, Weak Side Pocket is what I'm using now, but move the pocket gun to the ankle when driving/sitting. I'm thinking of dedicating one gun to ankle carry only, weak hand, and another gun for Weak Side Pocket.

    Right now I carry a S&W 442 as my Weak Side Pocket Gun. I may move it to the Weak Side Ankle and put a Kahr PM9 in the Weak Side Pocket.


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    Ok, broke arm

    I'd probable still carry my p32 in front waistband. I also carry my strong side weapon in a comp-tac m-tac iwb that i could adjust to a vertical carry and move it to the small of my back 7 o'clock so I could weak hand manipulate it. Like I said I practice weak hand manipulation so much I can almost call my weak hand my strong. Practice Practice Practice

  8. Here's my take:

    I want a gun I can handle easily one handed.

    I want a gun with high capacity, because I don't want to have to reload it one handed.

    I want a gun that has no levers to disengage.

    I want a gun that does NOT have a hard trigger pull.

    The gun(s) I would carry for weak hand only (broken primary arm) would be a Glock 17, XD, or M&P carried in a KyTac BraveHeart IWB holster.


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    Good post David. If my strong arm is out of commission I would probably carry my 38 in my pocket for the time needed, I should practice for that situation when at the range so I would be ready. Hate to start buying holsters for the weak side.

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