Ankle Holster advice
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Thread: Ankle Holster advice

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    Ankle Holster advice

    Hey all,

    My aunt is going to give me a little Charter Arms .38 pistol. I was wondering what everyone thought about ankle holsters for daily carry. I can't carry IWB or OWB because of work.

    Also, I'm right handed. Is it better to carry on the outside of my right ankle or the inside of my left ankle?

    Thanks for the input.

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    If ya gotta CC that way, which I do not recommend, CC on your left leg. Again, not recommended. as a back up maybe, but not as a primary. JMHO
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    I don't recommend ankle carry as primary but if you do as said above carry inside the left leg. Consider trying pocket carry with an inside the pocket holster such as Uncle Mike's or DeSantis Nemesis (more expensive but lasts much longer and better in my opinion).

    If concealment is what you are after at work, the pocket carry is much more concealable than ankle without having to be careful about pant length or how you sit.
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    An ankle holster should really only be used for a backup weapon. If you were to get into a situation that depended on you being able to draw your weapon first, by the time you bend down and retrieve your weapon you are more than likely going to be shot before your gun even leaves the holster.
    If IWB carry doesnt work for you may I suggest a concealment t shirt that has a holster built right in, Or maybe a waist pack(also known as a fanny pack). There are also OWB holsters that look like a cell phone case. I'm not sure if they make one for a 38 revolver or not But I know they make them for .380 auto.
    In my opinion, (and I'm sure I am not alone) Ankle carry is the worst form of carry for a primary weapon.

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  6. Having carried a .38 in an ankle holster for over 20 years as both a backup and occasional primary weapon I would also recommend a good leather holster with a thumb real. You so need to practice with it to get good. I have to qualify twice a year drawing from the ankle holster and can do it as quick as those from inside a shirt or pocket.

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    I manage a restaurant so I wear dress pants, and a shirt and tie. Pocket carry is uncomfortable and, considering the amount of times I have to retrieve something from my pockets, impractical. Fanny packs are also out. This would be my primary weapon while I was working. After I get off work, I carry OWB or IWB as the situation and my wardrobe warrants.

    Does this info help at all?

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    If you're talking about the Charter Arms .38 Undercover - 5 shot snubby with less than 2" barrel - then I have some input.

    Not sure why you can't do IWB with a tuckable holster at work. That's pretty darn concealed! :) But if it's really not possible, then I second the other guys and recommend either pocket carry or "off body" carry in a cell case / camera case / belt pack / fanny pack. There are lots of choices out there.
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  9. Why is it not possible to have an IWB while wearing slacks with short and tie. I wear a suit and tie and carry IWB with no problems just get a good holster that allows you to tuck. Or you can get a belly band orthe crouch holster. But I don't recommend an ankle holster for your primary weapons the time it takes to draw your weapon you would be dead Buthelezi time you get it out.

  10. I'm in agreement with those who say it shouldn't be your primary means of carry. I'd do it as a backup were it not for a genetic problem of mine...I have really large and muscular calves. Although I have to exercise hard to develop my other muscles, my ankles are thick and my calves are the envy of serious body builders. Therefore, I cannnot easily pull up my trousers enough for a clean draw. Until bell bottoms come back, an ankle holster won't work for me.

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    If you are dead set on using an ankle holster, Lou Alessi is the holster maker to get one from.

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