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Thread: IWB holster advice/comments

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    IWB holster advice/comments

    Looking for a good IWB holster for my Taurus 709. Considering the DeSantis Sof Tuck and the Crossbreed Mini Tuck. Comments on these appreciated, or any other.

  3. Holster for your Taurus 709

    You may be interested in the Stealth Defense Strut Holster if you are looking for a IWB style cross draw holster that you can wear and access while sitting or standing without the need to buy larger waist size colthing. It's very comfortable to wear all day.

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    I have a crossbread super tuck for mine. It works great.
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    Take a look at the N82 Tactical. Got one. Most comfortable holster I have worn. Not good for reholstering but very comfortable and sweat proof (bleed). They have come out with a new style with more of a kydex type fit for the weapon. Mike
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    I by far am an expert on the subject I had a chance to try out a archangel a.i.w.b. by dale Fricke was very comfortable,I had full movement look at his site Dale Fricke Holsters

    Oh yea i was using a Glock model 22 full size frame
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