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Thread: How Many Holsters Do You Own?

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    About 40 or so. Instructors teaching NRA PPOTH must have a sample of every type of holster.

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    Six and another on the way.

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    A man who can count his holsters doesn't have enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber:222770
    A man who can count his holsters doesn't have enough.
    I'm working on it!

    And I did miss at least one!

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    One OWB for each + a pocket holster for each of my 3 deep-conceal pistols. A total of 9.
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    Way to many!

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    Now that I thought about it, over $2,000.00 worth. Alessi, High Noon, Milt Sparks, TT Gun Leather, Galco etc. Seems like I've spent my whole life waiting for a holster delivery. My last Alessi was relatively quick, 15 weeks. My "motto" is; you can't have to many holsters, that is unless you sold the guns it went to?

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    I have at least one per handgun, and some handguns have two or three or four or five, well, you get what I mean. IWB, OWB, Shoulder, Ankle, Thigh (drop holster). Crossbreed, Galco, Fobis, DeSantis, Bianchi, Uncle Mike's, Blackhawk!, Bulldog, Glock. Oh! and you can't forget the magazine and speedloader pouches!
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    Hmmm, just like everyone else I'd suppose i went thru several phases of holstering. I now have a small box full and normally now use a SuperTuck or pocket holster, or both with pocket being backup.
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  11. Outstanding ? I have a IWB + a ploymer paddle holster for each handgun and two shoulder holsters one for fullsize one for compact and one ankle holster the question is how many do I actually use

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