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Thread: How Many Holsters Do You Own?

  1. Remember this formula and you can't go wrong:

    H + 1 = n

    H = number of holsters you already own

    n = number of holsters you will ultimately own
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    Over the decades I've probably owned a hundred holsters, most of which did a poor job or turned out to be of poor quality. I currently own two Milt Sparks VM II's, a Kramer vertical scabbard and a Bulman SDS ............ and I've started making my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safebustr View Post
    Way to many!
    +1 on that! Painful, isn't it, safebustr?

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    I try to have one for each of my pistols.
    Now that I have my CCW, I try to have a pocket and IWB for the mousegun(s), and an IWB and OWB for the sub-compacts. Have three on order and looking for that just one more . . . .

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