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  1. new conceal & carry

    What is the best recommendation of a weapon if you are new to conceal and carry? I want it for family defense. I am experienced slightly in shooting. Thanks

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    I suggest the CZ-75. Check it out on their web-page CZ-USA -> Hunting & Sporting Firearms and Accessories . A lot of people like the Glock and while it has a great reputation and I have put over 10k rounds downrange with one... I hate them with a passion...

    Sig and H&K also make good guns...

  4. 12 gauge pump with 00 buck,

    With a glock 19 and a colt commander behind it

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    Barnes and Noble has exactly what you are looking for. It is the book, The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry. Author is Massad Ayoob. This book (25 well spent bucks) discusses scenarios, guns, holsters, carry methods, pretty much all you need to know except for the laws in a given jurisdiction. That is your responsibility to find out, although there is some information in there. Trouble with your question is all of us will give you advice, based on our preferences and experience. And what we all would offer (10 million different opinions) may or may not work for you. Get the book, study it (it is very enjoyable to read, well written by the master himself), and you will gain a ton of expert knowledge, plenty to make your own decision with confidence. Best of luck. Oh, by the way, get a SIG 229 in 40 or 357 SIG. A personal favorite of mine, heh-heh.
    Say when.

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    Welcome to CCW,Its always great to see another Responcible Armed Citizen.
    If I can reccomend a first weapon for you.
    I would suggest getting a nice Revolver,either, .38 +P, or .357 both are realible, easy to handle.

    Both revolvers are easy to Conceal, As time goes on, and you become more comfortable, you can move up to an Semi-auto. I started out with an .38+P and still to this day I have my faithful .38 and carry it as my back-up. Once again glad you joined the Armed American's society Good luck on selecting an Weapon.

    Keep us posted.

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    Get yourself a Glock.

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    Get something that you can comfortably carry and shoot well. Try out a variety of guns and pick what you like best (or better yet, buy everything and carry what you like for that day! ). If you can't shoot it or if it isn't comfortabe for you to carry it will do you little good.

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  9. New to concealed carry

    There is no perfect concealed carry pistol. The best thing I can suggest is to try a few handguns out not just at the range, but also carrying on your person. No reason to purchase a gun you shoot well but you leave at home because it is uncomfortable or your not able to properly conceal it. Hope this helps.

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