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    G26 Holster Question

    I would like opinions about the following holsters for my Gen4 G26: Comp-tac Infidel, Comp-tac CTAC, and the Bladetech UCH. Please don't tell me about your Crossbreed, Milt Sparks, MTAC, etc. Just advice on the three previously mentioned. Also, is there an advantage of having 2 clips spread out over one larger clip on the holster to carry. I hope I can find a local chapter of HA (Holsters Anonymous). I don't have a problem, I can stop anytime I want!

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    Comp-tac CTAC

    I have 3 of them. 2 for G26 1 for G30. They have held up very well and never had any problems.
    I also got the Velcro hooks and a Velcro lined belt that really keeps the hooks from showing.
    The belt was not from them.

  4. I had the Infidel for a very short period of time. I simply could not get comfortable with Kydex up against my body IWB fashion. That said, a piece of felt of moleskin on the body side of the holster might help considerably with the Infidel.

    I had the double belt-loop set up on mine. It was quite stable on the belt that way.

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    I prefer two clips- it spreads the weight over a larger area, making it less likely to shift too much...and hopefully not fall on the floor. Word to the wise: Avoid anything with plastic or polymer clips- one brand you mentioned I've had to replace the clips twice, and it has broken yet again. I gave up. You want METAL CLIPS.

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