Me with a .380? Only a 9mm or My 38 Snubbie!!! Bought a Sig-Sauer P238....
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Thread: Me with a .380? Only a 9mm or My 38 Snubbie!!! Bought a Sig-Sauer P238....

  1. Me with a .380? Only a 9mm or My 38 Snubbie!!! Bought a Sig-Sauer P238....

    Being an old soldier (24 yrs) and my love for my 45 (well the US govt.) and my wheel guns, I never thought I'd buy ANY semi except a .45 cal 1911. I am a believer of bigger holes are better than tiny holes if you're going to have to defend yourself. I would never ever buy or use a .380…. I've shot the typical "raved" about .380s BUT I dislike the sharp recoil. It distractes me from aiming double/triple taps (don't use .38 +Ps) accurately.

    I started carrying CCW with a SW 442 .38. I wanted a slimmer weapon so being convinced a semi 9mm can do it adequately, I actually bought the Taurus PT 709 Slim 9mm. Very good weapon and shoots accurately out to 25 yds for me. I trust it as much as my .38. Problem was I needed/wanted a CCW that I can just "snatch and carry" when running, mtn biking, or walks with wife. After researching 6+ months, I was down to the Walther or Sig P238. After 10 gun shops, Cabelas and 6+/-visits at BPS - Springfield, MO, I bought the Sig-P238.

    The next day I put 50 rds through it at 5 and 7 yds with one failure to eject. My P238 shoots 3"s low and on line with windage. At 7 yds I can put 6 rds in a 2" circle!!!! Really, did it THREE times! Now I can't even do this with my 45, 38, or my 9mm. I can group easily to 2" with my Buckmark .22 and my "keep to the grave" SW 586 .357 mag that I hunt deer with. Amazing handgun this P238 is and I truly like the 1911 features. To me it's a Mimi 45 AND, I can pop out 50 rds with no pain.

    Do suggest if you decide on a .380 and “if in doubt” which .380 to buy, I encourage you try the Sig-P238. Costs more than other .380s but to me if the weapon fits your hand and is comfortable -- buy it. To me, total confidence in your weapon in a life/death situation is more important than $$$. Being a Marine Vietnam Vet I know.

    Now for an IWB and a pocket holster. Why is it as hard to buy a holster as buying the perfect handgun? (Rhetorical question)

    Remember those young military men and women still risking THEIR lives for us and for freedom.

    Have a great day.
    Ole Ed

  3. Thank you for this thoughtful post. And most importantly, thank you for your service. I do think of our servicemen and women who are still in harms way. They are the bravest people on earth and their families are too in the sense that they live without their loved ones and try to support them when they come home. God bless them.

  4. Beautiful gun, unfortunately out of my price range. A man can dream though!

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    I did this yesterday at 7 yards, 5 shots in 10 seconds. Each square is an inch. P238 is awesome.
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    I'm a big fan of the little P238 also. Tried several of the .380 blow-back sub-compacts and didn't care for the recoil and how it slowed my follow-up shots. The P238's (Colt's) locked breech design produces a much softer recoil.

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    I bought a p238 over the weekend at a gun show but have not had a chance to shoot it yet. Got my hornady critical defense ammo and going to maybe buy some 100gr buffalo bore ammo +P for it. Got many great reviews on both ammo. Awesome little 1911 I love it :)

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    Have you checked out any of the Walther products?

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    Love my Sig P238. I think the Walther PPK and the Sig P238 can compete side to side and both would have their own pro's and con's. My P238 is my fall/winter carry!

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    Welcome! The 238 is a great little gun! Check out Ebay..Sig makes a pocket wallet holster for it!

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