what do you carry in your glock 23
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Thread: what do you carry in your glock 23

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    what do you carry in your glock 23

    The title says it all. Looking for a general concensus i guess

  3. I personally carry Rainier 165 grain hollow point with Winchester 231 powder. Love the way it shoots and I love my Glock 23.

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    When I bought my G23 2 1/2 years ago I bought Hornady 180gr XTP hollowpoints which are in it still today. Standing by are Winchester PDX1 180gr hollowpoints when I think it's time to retire the Hornadys.

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    Magtec 165gr lead free hollow points loaded with 5.8gr of HB-38(win231).
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  6. Mostly Pocket Lint
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  7. Guess i'm not helping create any consensus...

    180 gr Federal Hydra-Shok

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  9. My G23 eats federal law enforcement hollow points love the way they shoot

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    Winchester Ranger JHP. The 23 is awesome and I'm sure it would eat anything I fed it!

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