After market sights shooting high
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    After market sights shooting high

    I just had some Trijicon HD Night Sights professionally installed on my Glock 22. First of all, I absolutely love the design. But after some minor tweaks by the armorer on his range (windage adjustments), we noticed the shots hitting about 2" high at 7 yards. I'm a pretty darned good shot, and the armorer who I had installing the sights is a competition level shooter. Both of us had the same results. At 15 yards, the hits were 4-5" above point of aim. The sights are not adjustable for elevation. So what's going on here? I've heard that some sights require a "six o'clock point of aim" but that seems unlikely to me. Can someone please enlighten me? And what can I do about it now? Thanks.

  3. Check the front sight height. It may be too small for the shorter sight radius of the GLOCK 23. Personally, I have had great success with Trijicon sights (S&W & 1911) but never used them on my GLOCKs. I prefer the TruGlo tritium & fiber optic on all my GLOCKs (17C, 21C, 22, and 30).

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