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Thread: What size to conceal?

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    I always carry with the gun positioned just behind the hip.

    I've found that I can carry just about any size handgun with the right holster/attire. Right now I'm carrying a Springfield XDs .45 in a Harwell IWB holster and it disappears under minimal clothing. Sometimes I carry a Springfield Lightweight Champion Operator 1911 with a 4" barrell in a Supertuck, a full sized XDm .40 in a Supertuck or a Sig P229 in a Galco Royal Guard. All of these work really well.

    3/4" makes a huge difference when it comes to grip length, to answer one of your questions.

    In cold winter, when I'm wearing layers, I sometimes carry a S&W 629 .44 Magnum IWB in a pancake holster from Simply Rugged. Works great.

    Now I'm off to order a holster for a Glock 29 10mm.
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    What size to conceal?

    It is going to depend on the kind of cloth do you use. Do you like oversize pants and shirt? Tucked shirt? ...

  4. Carry the XDSC in 40 daily. The shorted grip is an asset and in addition, I added Pearce Grips to all my magazines, maintaining a full grip and shortened length, the best of both worlds for me.

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    If you're going to be carrying a gun IWB (and you probably should be if concealment is important) then barrel length isn't really a major concern as it will be shoved down inside your pants and not visible to others. What's most important is the length of the grip as this is what is most likely to print through clothing. With that being said, I typically go with the longest barrel I can find as I would like every advantage possible.

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    anyone carry an XDm .40

    Quote Originally Posted by precious821 View Post
    Hello,does anyone carry an XDm .40 @ 4 or 5 o'clock? I am looking @ the .40 3.8 compact. Just wondering if the 3/4" is a big difference. The XDm isnt to bad except for when driving for long periods of time. I typically carry IWB at the hip.[considering the m-tac] THANKS in advance.
    I have a Crossbreed I carry @ 4/5:00. Body type is a factor, at 6' 205-215lbs I carry a full size XDm .40. At over 215 I find the 3.8 compact to be a better choice. I carried full size for a couple years with no problem. Keep in mind reaching and bending. This something you will need to practice and get used to for best concealment. I use a 5.11 tac belt with the metal buckle, keeps it close to the body and easily adjusted.

  7. Carry the very similar XDm 9mm compact in an MTAC with no issues. Depends greatly on your choice of wardrobe, exactly where you carry and your build. All else being equal, the shorter gun butt will conceal easier than a longer one.

  8. I carry a fullsize P226 or a P220 Carry daily (4.4 and 3.9" barrel respectively, both fullsize grips) and have no problems, have in the past carried a fullsize 1911 iwb, as others have said the length is usually not a problem, thickness and grip size are tougher to conceal, but a good holster with a forward cant will do a lot toward hiding that grip (if carried in the ~4 o'clock position) and be comfortable as well.

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    I Like the Thread name "What size to conceal" My answer, Any size you need to conceal!
    But seriously folks, Basically you can conceal anything depending on manner of dress, type of holster and body size.
    Most good "GOOD" holsters will conceal a full size gun so long as your choice of shirt hangs correctly.
    Lets face it, people are not looking at you that closely, they have other things to worry about.
    LEO's, good security personnel and other members of the carry community may notice that slight to moderate bulge at your side but again, most people will not notice.
    Are you doing anything wrong? are you carrying in a place where you are not legally permitted to carry? If so, you have a problem.
    If not, No Problem.
    As a former MP, and as a member of the carry community I might notice your carrying, and I'm glad you are.
    No worries. Carry what you shoot best and find a holster that carry's it comfortably.
    If you have a permit its not against the law if your weapon is slightly protruding from your hip.
    In the old days someone could claim you were "Brandishing" your weapon. Laws have changed in recent years to allow a CCW holder to carry without having to make the weapon 100% invisible.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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