CCW holster for a sigma 9mm?
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Thread: CCW holster for a sigma 9mm?

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    CCW holster for a sigma 9mm?

    Does anyone have a sugestion for an easily concealable OWB holster for a sigma 9MM? Will holsters designed for the m&p fit a sigma? Any answers would be greatly apreciated

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    Look at Great bunch of guy, fair priced iwb,owb,mag holders,belts

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    I used a Kholster when I had my Sigma, I also use one with my M&P, there very close but not the same. I like Hybrid IWB's so you really want them exact. For OWB Holster's the two are pretty interchangeable.

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    I have been more than happy with my IWB holster from Crossbreed. It is very comfortable and has conformed to my body so well that I sometimes forget that I'm wearing it. They also make fantastic OWB holsters.

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    When i had my sigma..... I used a Blackhawk Serpa Level 2, very good holster, but i have upgraded to a Glock since then, but also use a Blackhawk Serpa Holster for that one too !

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