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Thread: Have shoulder holsters, gone the way of the Dodo??

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    I have one but about the only time I use it is when I'm riding the motorcycle.
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  3. Our harley shop is stocking the tee shirt with the build in holster.Got to get one for the King.

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    I have two, one is an uncle Mikes... the holster is good, the rig is crap.
    I have an Ace and for light weight it is good.

    I would recomend the Glaco JAckass, or miami. As I am slender I will likely go with the jackass. The hort carry is good if you have the build for it.

    The hip and shoulder have their plusses and minuses each.

    I will not own another hip/belt...I will go with a paddle stlye.

    but I love my shoulder holster the most. Its great for driving, sitting, using the bathroom, easier to conceal.

    to each their own, try before you buy and go with your comfort level. keep in mind what you are doing while you are wearing it.

    some holsters fall out or your shirt will ride up over the gun. Take no ones word till you try and like it....

    what works for you is sure to get someone elses panties in a wad.

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