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    I recently got a mitch rosen iwb holster at the advice of a Sig arms rep for my P220. the most comfortable iwb i have tried, 1 handed reholstering is a cinch. my 220 is stainless full size and seems to weigh a ton but with this holster and nice wide belt i really dont even know its there. Prior to this i was a galco fan but i think i will stick with mitch rosen products for a while. :icon_biggrin:

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    I will give you two thumbs up for the Cross Breed Supertuck ( I carry a Glock 26 in a right handed Supertuck daily and my spare magazine in the Cross Breed tuckable magazine carrier. I have all of that on a Wilderness Tactical 1 1/2" Instructor belt along with a flashlight, Leatherman, cell phone, and work phone.

    This a great rig and I was fortunate to find it before I spent hundreds of dollars finding a setup that works, is coomfortable, and is secure. There is no retention in the holster except for the gun specific impressions in the kydex panel of the holster. When you are wearing it, the gun is pinched between your body and the Kydex and the gun is firmly and securely held in place.

    I do wear this holster with a shirt tucked in, and it is comfortable and well concealed. The adjustability of the belt loops is what makes this holster so concealable, and I am able to have the gun held with the butt tucked right against my side. It is comfortable all day long and I usually wear it for 14-16 hours a day. In places where I can't have a weapon, I just remove the gun and mag and continue to wear the holster and carrier. The holster stays open so replacing the gun is easy.

    I highly recommend this rig. If you need another reason to buy it, my same holster will also carry the G17 and G19. I am unsure if it fits any of the .40S&W Glocks, but I am sure Mark at Crossbreed could tell you.

    Give them a try. Idoubt you will be disappointed.


  4. You may have to alter your mode of dress to carry the M&P 45.

    I favor IWB year round for carry, but found that "Tucked" is best suited for smaller weapons like a J-Frame or a Kahr PM9. I'm not a big guy, 5'06" and 140 pounds soaking wet. I manage to hide a 4" N-Frame or a 5" 1911 using either a Milt Sparks or a Matt Del Fatti IWB Holster and a "Cover Shirt" that is unbuttoned. I wear a T-Shirt and then wear an untucked/unbuttoned Hawaiian Shirt, much like it was a jacket. This allows me to hide my gun easily in 100 degree weather.

    I'm just offering my advice so that you may avoid the hassle of trying to hide too big of a gun using less than effective methods.


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