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Thread: Has anyone used crossbreedseconds.com?

  1. Happy owner of a "second". No complaints here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyForAll View Post
    I am new to the forum and recently learned about crossbreedseconds.com I was wondering if anyone here has had a good, bad, or indifferent experience with this website. My concern is that you must send a cash payment, no checks or money orders are accepted. I have used the search function on this site but have had little luck. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated
    Crossbreed has that amazing "try it out" policy, thats's where these come from I'd seriously guess. People get a Crossbreed and for one reason or another, they don't like it and end up sending it back to Crossbreed so they can't sell it as factory new because it's been used so all they can do is sell it at a decent discount and still turn a small profit.

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    couple of things

    As an instructor and many of my peers, we often joke that if you are into shooting long enough you will have two or three boxes of holsters, us shooters are always in search of the perfect rig. I mention in my class though that if you try CrossBreed first, that might not happen. I carry every day with mine and as far aas I am concerned this is the last holster I will need to buy other than my USPSA rig. When this one wears out I will simply order another of the same type.... oops lifetime guarantee and when my kydex cracked, I sent it in and they sent me a new one no charge, when the clips changed, they likewise sent me those at no charge. This is a first rate company that is of high integrity and well managed. I wish every customer experience I had was as good as with them. I endorse them in my classes because they work and work well, not for any other reason.

    BTW think that Mark C owns XD Talk so very good chance of finding him on there.

    Seconds?? the holster is hidden, it's a SUPER TUCK. As long as it works who cares what it looks like. Thanks for the post though, didn't know there was a seconds location. :)
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  5. Crossbreed Holsters

    I own a supertuck an carry a .40 Cougar all day. One word for the holster,"perfection."

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    Love my Crossbreed! Thanks for an outstanding product and superior cutomer service!

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