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  1. I ordered one for my S&W M&P 40 Shield. It took 10 weeks! It wasn't worth the money or the wait in my opinion. The waistband and holster ride up and out of my pants whenever I have to bend over for anything. Tightening the waistband helps with that problem, but then it becomes quite uncomfortable. Another minor problem is that the velcro on the waistband will snag on any shirt that you wear under it. If you don't have an undershirt on, then the velcro will scratch your skin. I prefer to carry inside the waistband of my pants with no holster over this tactipac fusion. I don't have a smart carry, but I plan to try that next.

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    Here's an actual link that works:
    FusionPac ? Buy It Now. | www.TactiPac.com

    You'll see that they do offer the fusionpacs in single and double magazines and they also offer them for a myriad of different firearms including the 1911 keycutter. They are $80 for holster, $100 for holster and one magazine holder, and $120 for holster and two magazine holders.

    Hope this info is helpful.
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