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    Thumbs up Galco Kingtuk

    I recently received the Galco Kingtuk and I thought I would put my initial thoughts down on it.

    I got it for for $51.96 through Amazon which shipped it from It shipped on a Monday got it Friday. I could have picked one up locally, but I had some credit to spend at Amazon.

    The quality is superb as with all Galco products. It's a very finished product. I was nervous about the hybrid kydex/leather combo holding my gun well. It holds it perfect for me. It fits all three of my Glocks, 17, 26, and 32 (full, subcompact, and compact). The kydex part is designed very intricate to do it's job. I would feel fine riding a rollercoaster with it.

    It is very comfortable. I carry everyday everywhere. The first issue I had was getting use to getting it hooked up. It isn't a holster to grab and go. If I have to do that, I would throw it in a nylon Uncle Mike's if I needed to. Beware, if your pants are tight already, you may have issues wearing it. With it I had to loosen my belt a notch which isn't a problem for me. I am 6'4" 185 lbs for reference.

    I think the cut is just right. I am surprised that other makers charge more for the "combat cut" when I think that should be standard. It is the only way the Kingtuk comes. I wouldn't want leather getting in between my thumb and the grip. Although I don't have experience with the Supertuck and others to know if that is an issue with the subcompacts.

    I can't say how it compares to others, but for $25 cheaper than a Supertuck, I can't see that I would want to spend the extra money unless in the future I would want the horse hide upgrade rather than saddle leather. But then that would be about $40 more than what I spent and could almost buy a second one.

    So far, so good with the holster and I think I will like a lot.

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    I like mine wear it daily sometimes 16-16 hours I don't even feel it. Has been holding up well.

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    I recently purchased one for my Kahr CM9 and one for my XD9sc. They both fit my weapons perfectly and and work great for me. I was looking into the Supertuk but since I was going for two the price was a significant factor and I just didn't see that much difference. Also much in favor of the combat cut vs full cut.

  5. I picked one up on sale for my 1911 full size. I like it, but think it needs a few more adjustment points to fit my body profile. I bought a leather punch and I'll go at it when I get some time. Need to pick up some blind nuts and screws to fit. I've also learned Kydex will cause marks in a brushed stainless finish.

    Mine came with Kydex clips. I have to pull them out quite a bit to release from the pants to remove the holster. That's with the belt removed.

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    I prefer my Kingtuk over my crossbreed
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    I have a crossbreed (1911) horse hide due to due humid weather on Cape Cod in the Summer and love it! I'm sure the Kingtuk is just fine....Galco makes a good product.

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    I have a ST for my glocks, gave one to my daughter also for hers. I have a KT for my PM9 for a comparison. Although Crossbreed Holsters (ST maker) is a sponsor here, I have nothing at all bad to say about the KT, at all. Less expensive also.

    However, I did have an "opportunity" with Crossbreed to test thier customer service due to cracked kydex. I sent mine in after calling them and BEFORE one week after sending it I recieved a brand new one. No BS. Superb customer service from the ST people.
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