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    Hi folks. Please excuse my ignorance here, but I just bought a sig 239 and never thought I'd have anything but a revolver. I love it so far, but after I finish breaking it in, I'll need to know how often you keep the same rounds in the magazine. Do folks not keep them full all of the time? Do they rotate their full magazines and how often etc... Just how long do they store a full mag before the springs lose their tension? Any info is much appreciated since I don't personally know anyone who uses one. Thank you.

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    Most newer mags can be stored loaded very long with no issues. I have had some mags loaded years and fired the ammo in just to rotate the ammo or try another type.
    Some of the other users may know other issues of have different outlooks,
    But for the most part it's a non issue.
    Some will load there mags -1
    For certain guns.
    But I have had no issues with anything

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    Not an issue with modern firearms, found a mag for a 1911 my dad had loaded since the fortys, every round fired reloaded same mag and still shoot it.

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    Every magazine I have is full 100% of the time.
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  6. It is my understanding that leaving them loaded has no effect at all but rather loading and unloading hundreds or thousands of times is what causes them to become weak.

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    all of mine are loaded till full (15 rounds) plus always 1 in the chamber. same goes for my shotgun and other pistol unless its sitting in the safe for a long time.

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    Jbrl, it's a good question, because long ago and far away, spring fatigue did happen in firearms that were built cheaply with poor materials. Today, however, there has been much metallurgical science applied to spring fatigue and responsible firearms manufacturers (like Sig) use springs that can both stay compacted for long periods of time or be loaded and unloaded multiple times a day and still be counted on to deliver every single round when needed.

    This is not to say that a magazine spring can't fail, and if you notice a failure to feed at the same point from the same magazine, it's a good idea to replace the spring and see if the problem disappears. But this is a very rare happening in today's firearms and it isn't something you should worry about in your high-end Sig

  9. Two mags for rifle, left unloaded until going to the range.

    Four mags for handgun, two kept loaded (one in the gun,) in the safe - two unloaded. Rotate which are loaded after a range visit, or whenever I think about it if I haven't had a range visit recently.

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    Thanks alot everyone.

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