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    what holster ?

    since colder weather is getting here ,what holster would be good for carrying outside the waist band? im figuring a coat or hooded sweatshirts would cover enough to keep everything concealed . i have a crossbreed and love it but was kicking the outside carry since winter is coming.

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    For me, the Supertuck is year 'round with the exception of when discretion is paramount then I'll let a trusted LCP ride in the pocket with a flap style pocket holster. You know, like to the post office, school or similar place that is a "no gun" zone but is the most likely target for shoot 'em up thugs...

    Even at home when not planning on going anywhere, i just feel more comfy CC. I dunno why, some like Pepsi some like Coke.

    Seeing as how outside the waist (standard belt) holsters tend to be more comfortable overall for obvious reasons, I would think your choices there would be much easier. So maybe you could end up being reasonably happy with most any (quality made) OWB holster?

    Good luck in your search!
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    Blackhawk SERPA level 2, love it!

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    I am looking at a site called concealment solutions and you might like the site sethgunleather they both have great selection and prices
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    Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961 View Post
    Blackhawk SERPA level 2, love it!
    Horrible holster, cheaply made, poor design. serpa - Google Search

    OP, any quality Bruce Nelson style holster like the Galco Avenger will carry well and conceal easily under a winter garment.

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    99% of the time, I wear an OWB, even in hot weather. For my CW9, I use a DeSantis belt-slide which rides very close to my side. For my G23, I use a Blackhawk Serpa Concealment. I always wear two shirts, one tucked and the other out (sometimes both are untucked).

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    Budget? Leather or Kydex?
    UBG Holsters May still have the 15% discount"Facebook" ask
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