Holster for .44 Mag and Glock 20SF
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Thread: Holster for .44 Mag and Glock 20SF

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    Holster for .44 Mag and Glock 20SF

    I have a crossbreed for my Five Seven, and I am looking for holsters for my S&W 629 and Glock 20SF. While I like the crossbreed holster, I am not a big fan of all the crosses on it.
    What kind of holsters do you guys recommend for those two guns, and is there a holster like the crossbreed IWB holster available, but without the crosses?

    Thank you.

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    Cleveland Holsters. Its what I carry and love it so far. Cleveland's Holsters

  4. Garrett Industries Silent Thunder. Love it for IWB carry.

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    SHTF Gear LLC
    you can find discounts on facebook

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    Check out Theisholsters.com | Home | Custom IWB Holsters. Just like CBSTD, no crosses, cheaper, and less waiting time.

  7. Whitehatholsters.com

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    Thank you everyone. Do you guys recommend one of these holsters for the S&W 629? I plan on carrying it when I go through bear country in Montana. Other then when I am up there, I don't plan on carrying that gun that often.

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