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    Good cheap compact flashlight

    FYI, I bought a Coleman short-body aluminum flashlight at Walmart, because the package said it was 93 Lumens. It takes 3 triple-A batteries, has a push-button rear switch, and a glass-breaker front rim. I've found it to be a darned good little light, a good fist load if you need one, fits into my double-stack 9mm and .45 mag pouches, and I don't think you can beat it for $17.99.

  3. Maybe not beat it but a possible alternative from Menards'. My son was showing me a light he bought at 'nards. High output with strobe, constant, SOS blink, and momentary. He's been banging it around for a month(I saw him drop it on concrete twice in one day so banging around is the key phrase) w/o issue and I'm going to pick one up next trip to the store. under $20

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    I picked up a similiar Coleman (100+ lumens I think) and also the $5 ammo holster that Walmart sells to have for it. Not a perfect fit but decent. I have used the flashlight multiple time and it has come in handy with the snow New England got last week.

    Good light to add to an EDC rig even though I am thinking about getting a Quark AA2.

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    Seems this type of flashlight is getting popular. I too found one at Home Depot, from "Lenser". Crazy bright, long AA battery life. The light pattern however does not spread out and evenly fade from very bright center fading gradually outward (did that make sense?) as say a Surefire light, but it's a bright, intense, blinding white light none the less. I keep several around the house and in my vehicle.
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    Try NEBO Tools | Home they have the "redline" runs on 1AA battery, 130 lumens and strobe, $15.00 on ebay, then they hace the "redline" 220 lumens, 3 power settings, SOS, and strobe, runs on 3 AAA batteries ebay for around $20.00, both lights adjust from spot to flood light. After years of shopping for a good light these two are the best..

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