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    Talking Cleveland's Holster

    I just received my new holster for my warthog. I ordered it in the horse hide. I have to say this is the most comfortable holsters, I've been worn. I have a Cross Bread for my Glock 27. It is about three months old and worn daily. The Cleveland's holster was more comfortable out of the box. It sits lower so if conceal is your focus you can't go wrong with this product.

    The workmanship is outstanding....Not to mention it is 1/2 the price of the Cross Bread!

    This holster fits the weapon like a glove and has 7 adjustment points so you can choose the forward cant you like!

    Bobby you have created a great product at a working mans price! Hats off to you !!!!

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    I really like my Cleveland. Carry a G21 all day comfortably. I need to order another one for my Smith.

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