Ruger plastic molded holsters.
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Thread: Ruger plastic molded holsters.

  1. Ruger plastic molded holsters.

    Hello, Im new to the site and was unable to find an answer to my question in the other threads. Prior to retiring from law enforcement,I carried a Springfield XD40. The gun came with a plastic molded holster. It was a small holster and had a plastic molded belt clip on it. (The clip and holster are one single piece, not two that are mechanically attached.) Since I was not able to keep this gun after retiring, and since I have moved to a different state, I got away from always having a gun on me. Ya, I know, I not proud of myself either. I loved the Springfield off duty holster. I am trying to find a similar holster for my Rugers so I can get back into the habit. One is the 9mm P89 and the other is the 40 cal P94. Anyone know where I can get these holsters. I do not like paddle holster or the holsters with the curve piece with the belt slots. I wear it with the holster between my belt and pants with the bottom of my gun pointing to my right.(On my back).

  3. Try They make IWB and OWB holster they will also custom make bolsters for you.

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    I love Fobus holsters. I can recommend them for good weapon retention, light weight, clean draw and available in different styles.

  5. This is almost what Im looking for....

    Galco Jak Slide Concealment Holsters FREE S&H JAK202, JAK203, JAK212, JAK213. Galco Jak Concealed Holsters, Galco Concealed Holsters.

    Goto this website to see a leather version of what I'm trying to find. I want this exact thing in a plastic version. The leather looks like it will work, so I may just try it out. There are a lot of good reviews on it.

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