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    Can anyone recomend a good cc holster for a Taurus PT145 .45 Cal. I am somewhat overweight (5' 11" 220 LBS) and have a dewlap. I live in Alabama so I have to contend with hot humid weather. I have been considering the pagerpal but have read some bad things about it. I have tried a owb but didn't have much luck. Any input will be appreciated.


  3. I hear really good things about the black mamba iwb holster from concealment solutions. Those good things were from plus sized Americans such as myself

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    Steer clear of "gimmick" holsters...

    I'm not a big fan of most "deep concealment" or "tuckable" or other gimmicky sorts of holsters.

    See, the problem lies in when you actually have to access, grip, and pull your firearm while in fear for your life or perhaps already injured from a violent encounter that just got underway. That is the absolute worst time to be digging in your clothing for your gun.

    I recommend strong-side hip holsters. Paddle or belt-slide variety. Outside the waistband (OWB) is best, with inside the waistband (IWB) being a decent second choice. A good holster should cover the entire trigger assembly.

    I'm not exactly a small guy either. I've also lived in the south, and know what the heat can be like. In consideration of the heat, you'll need to pick your cover garments carefully. I prefer something like:

    - Tee shirt (tucked in, to shield your firearm from your body) with a very lightweight vest as the cover garment. ($30 buys a nice one by RedHead from Bass Pro Shops.)

    - Tank top or sleeveless (tucked in), with a hawaiian / camp / bowling shirt (long shirt tails, cut straight across instead of curved) as your cover garment.

    A variation on the vest theme would be your typical denim or leather biker vest, but again, avoid the ones that are cut too short or high on the sides. And avoid the ones with the laced sides too.

    If there are days when you absolutely CAN'T STAND to wear an inner and outer garment, then you may want to consider buying a pocket pistol. Note that one of the cool things about a "pocket pistol" is being able to fire it from the pocket, without drawing it. For this purpose, the only thing I can recommend is a hammerless revolver. (Semi-autos cannot eject properly if fired from a pocket, and fabric will bunch under the hammer of conventional revolvers.) The Ruger LCR is popular, and Charter Arms makes some nice hammerless as well. Whichever you choose, be sure to get a proper pocket holster for it. (Rough fabric to keep it from slipping, and closed bottom to keep pocket lint out of the muzzle.)

    Hope that helps.
    S&W M&P 45; Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum; Charter Arms .38 Undercover

  5. Theis Holster HANDS DOWN. | Home | Custom IWB Holsters
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