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    Little late to the party...

    I wear kilts because they are hands down the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Add to that the fact that the wife and I think they look great, they're a great conversation starter and I'm Scots-Irish and damn proud of my heritage... I figure why not? Did I mention how unbelievably comfortable they are? You guys do realize we were built to wear unbifurcated garments, right? I mean, we are the sex with additional appendages between our legs...

    As for concealed carry... I haven't gotten my license yet and just ordered my first holster (a Mason-Dixon from Bluegrass Holsters), and I've asked Brock to make me an extra set of 2.5" clips to fit my kilt belt. That should give me a tuckable IWB to wear with it, just like I intend to with my trousers...

    I am Scots-Irish, English and a little French thrown in.
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    I was going to suggest that you open carry, but after seeing that you reside in Texas, I can see that that is not an option for you. You should probably try some type of tuckable IWB rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I was going to suggest that you open carry, but after seeing that you reside in Texas, I can see that that is not an option for you. You should probably try some type of tuckable IWB rig.

    Carry in the Survivor UK (Utili-Kilt) is exceptionally easy... lots of very deep pockets and detachable tool pouches.

  5. Just as an update, when ordering my tuckable IWB for trousered wear, I went ahead and ordered a custom set of belt loops for a 2.5" belt (the size of my kilt belt). It should be here next week some time, I'll update the thread on how it works then.

  6. Kilt wearing

    I too wear a kilt from time to time, like to the Scottish games, formal dinners, Burn's night, etc. I usuly wear a belt with my kilt (Hunting MacFarline). It has a huge belt buckle, I think I could stuff my AMT backup or Kel-Tek behind the buckle with no problem. When I'm kilted out, I usualy have my Dirk & Skin-do with me. So I'm not compleatly unarmd. The full Claymore is just too long to wear in a restruant. It's hard to sit with it. :^D

    In a util-kilt, with pockets (!) you should be able to find a pocket holster that will hold your firearm in a ready position. I normaly cary my Kel-Tek in my front pants pocket.
    Consider one of the thin 9mm. Some are only abut 3/4" thick.

    As I told an old gentleman and his spouse of many years, "We no wear the kilt for the laddies, but for the lassies." I have no idea what the nice old lady was thinking, but she turned red as a beet. <heh> <heh>


    Ralph in MO.

    Loch Sloy!

  7. I am new to the forums and obviously late to the thread, but I am glad to see that I am not the only crazy out and about in a kilt. I just got my first one recently; and, after wearing it one day, have informed my wife that I intend to have a closet full of them and wear them daily. It is the most comfortable I have ever been other than going naked. And, it's fun, they are a great conversation starter, a way to display pride in various heritage and/or organizational connections... But, I too have been working with the carry issue. Thanks for all the advice and for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

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