What's the best IWB holster for Glock 19
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Thread: What's the best IWB holster for Glock 19

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    What's the best IWB holster for Glock 19

    I just bought a glock 19 to replace my Ruger as daily CC weapon. Who has found the (perfect) IWB holster?

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    For me it is the crossbreed brand not only for my 1911 but for extra mags as well. They are the ones who first came up with this design of tuckable IWB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevfan3 View Post
    I just bought a glock 19 to replace my Ruger as daily CC weapon. Who has found the (perfect) IWB holster?
    With so many options and so many different individuals with specific body types, you would want to check out SEVERAL different options. Another consideration is the conditions under which you will be carrying. Depending on the type of activities you will be involved in, your holster type may change.

    I strongly suggest you check out a reputable gun shop and see what they have available. Most shops will have blue guns so you can check the feel without having to unholster your carry gun or use a real gun out of the display case.

    Keep in mind what's "best" for me may be totally different from what you may be looking for. I have several holsters that I use based on what I'll be doing and method of carry. I also have an extensive collection of holsters that I no longer use for various reasons, mainly because they don't quite suit my needs for whatever reason. I figure I'm in well over $1k on holsters alone. :-{ Sure wish I checked out gun shops before going holster shopping.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
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  5. I really like the Bianchi Covert Option. I find it to be very comfortable, an easy draw, while still secure when holstered. I use it at about a 4-5 oclock position. Good luck!

  6. Crossbreed Supertuck is the best holster out there. I have one for my Ruger LCP and G23, which is the same size as the 19, and it's the most comfortable holster I have used. If you don't want to spend too much money, take a look at the N82 Tactical holster. For $40, it's comfortable and conceals nicely.

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    I'm highly partial to TTGunLeather's IWB. Here's my shark trimmed one for a G23.

    UBG Holsters makes the Striker, which is a thin IWB w/ clips; shown below with a G23.

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  8. IWB Holster for Glock or Springfield XD

    I reaaly like the Galco line up of Holsters. Leather, fit well and wont cause Damage to your Firearm...unwanted scratches and other markings.

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    For me, it is the Kholster holster..... Great holster and very comftorable

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    I've got a G19 and carry it with a custom Invisi-Tuck made by The American Holster Company its the same thing as a Crossbreed but all leather, no Kydex. Very comfortable and excellent quality. Check them out.

    What's the best IWB holster for Glock 19-holster_19.jpg
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    I have the N82 IWB holster and it very comfortable an the price is right and it's American made! www.n82tactical.com they were most helpful with all my questions before I ordered.

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