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  1. Looking For Cross Draw Holster

    I'm right handed and carry a Glock 29 10mm subcompact. I suspect you guys have encountered the same issue I have which is that in a vehicle with the seatbelt on there is no good way to reach your weapon quickly. The only answer I can think of is a cross draw type holster. From a sitting position I would also think that an outside the waistband holster is the only option. I usually don't wear a belt and have used the ClipDraw in lieu of a holster for over a year, but I know of no holster that fits the description above that would work without a belt. Any help out there?

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  4. Thanks! The FIST holster seems to be what I had in mind.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ASW20C View Post
    Thanks! The FIST holster seems to be what I had in mind.
    COOL! :D

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    foubus roto holster.:D
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  7. +1 on Sgt Sig - Any of the custom makers can make a cross-draw out of any holster on their site, you just need to ask for it.

    In addition to the Sgt's excellent suggestions, I'm gonna add:


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