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    Quote Originally Posted by tcotariu View Post
    The web site does not say anything about model of gun. Will it fit a Hi-Power or a 1911?
    I just got a reply from them and they said both of those will fit.

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    frank.macher Guest
    Thanks to all, gives me some great ideas to list as BDay stuff for me. Thanks

  4. I picked up one at the Orlando Gun show last month. I like it for long drives as it is easier to draw from in a sitting position. I got it for my snubby .357. I just wear a cover shirt and it is good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmach View Post
    ... I like it for long drives as it is easier to draw from in a sitting position. I got it for my snubby .357. I just wear a cover shirt and it is good to go.
    Now THAT'S a good idea! I've been trying to find a way to carry while seated in a car (w/o the weapon showing) and it sounds like this item may be the trick.

    Cool idea! Thanks for the post!


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    I was having trouble finding a holster as well. I live in west texas and the iwb or 5.11 in the west texas heat is
    horrible. They're to hot and the iwb ends up rubbing horribly bad on my hip. I found and tried one of their concealment shirts and i really do enjoy it. It's not hot and it is comfortable to wear. The shirt actually keeps me cool. I thought it would be to hot like 5.11 or underarmour but this is a great shirt holster. I do plan on buying more from them. Just thought i would share my experience with everyone.

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    Don't laugh but I was considering picking up a concealment shorts. I also noticed someone makes a long sleeved version of the shirt. Up here in WA we are still pretty chilly and a long sleeved version with a jacket could be practical for some people. Honestly I wouldn't wear something like that. If it's that cold for a long sleeved version I would prefer to wear a hoodie or over sized sweater and my IWB holster. Biff138 will you be expanding your product lineup in the future? I would be willing to get concealment shorts and review them.

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    Well I'm convinced. I ordered 1 in white and 1 in Black. I plan on using them for formal dress Biking and backpacking. I'll let you know how they work with the backpack on.

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    I have been using one on and off for about 3 weeks and find it very comfortable. It conceals both my .38 and my S&W 915 very well, but I have one little problem. It seams that the holster is cause a lot of wear on my 915 slide near the front muzzle. When it is warm or I am doing lot of work, I have a small rusty looking spot that is showing up on the slide. I have been able to keep up with it and not let it become a major problem, but does anyone have any ideas on what can be done to help stop this?


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    When I ride I wear a leather jacket that has a "pistol pocket". It is very deep and will easily conceal almost anything. The only downside that I have found is that it takes a few seconds to get the weapon out and in action. But I guess that is where situational awareness comes in.

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    I've been wearing mine everyday here in west texas and we've had several days of 85 plus temps. I find mine to be very comfortable and when i did order from i did ask how the shirt works in heat, and the owner did tell me that the shirt will absorb the body sweat and when wind is introduced it will cool me off. He was to a T. I really do enjoy mine. The people there (concealamerica) were extremely nice and polite. That is why i'm going to continue doing business with them. Hope this helps some of you folks.

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