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    Can I just have the female model? lol. Looks solid, does it have padding under the holster like the 5.11 does?
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    Ditto on the review...thanks! Looks good. I'm going to order a size large. I guess a heavy layer of anti-persperant would be a good idea! LOL!

  4. I noticed ya'll were talking about concealment shirts and the different brands affiliated. I'm about to take the concealed handgun course and a friend told me about They're a distrubutor for the company A Better Holster. I bought one of their shirts and love it. I'm about to buy a few more. I don't have my license to carry yet but I have been wearing the shirt (without the handgun) as an undershirt. Its just like underarmor, and thats great for me because I loved wearing underarmor in football when I was in high school. I must say, I have put my S&W .40 in the holster a few times and it seems like I'll have no problem carrying when I get my license. I wear my outter shirts a little looser and I'll have very little problems with it printing if even that. It seems to me, that the design of this shirt is better than most of them out there. Check out They've got my business.

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