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    I'm lookin' for one to cover this:

    So far, no luck.
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    Just wanted to put in a shameless plug.., that we design shirt "jackets"....of course I am biased..but its a nice alt to carry in the warmer weather or when you just want to keep it casual and throw something on.

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    I have abetterholster tee shirt. It takes A little getting use too. It concels the weapon well. Access is ok with button shirts. Gun butt rubs on the arm a little and the shirt fits tight.
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    holster shirt

    You might wanna look at the concealment shirt holster from concealamerica. I had a 5.11 and didn't like how the gun carried or how the shirt fit. Wasted my money on that one, turned around and bought from conceal america and not only was the service good but the shirt fits and carries great. Just thought i'd put my two cents in. Hope this help ya.

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    Wore my shirt from a better holster to a wedding a few weeks ago. The only think that bothered me was sitting down the barrel of my glock dug into my ribs. It was a little bit hot but I think that the under armour shirts are hot too. As far being tight. I didn't think it was any tighter than an under armour. I'm going to try it backpacking this weekend so I'll let ya know how it works in that situation. I tried it on and I think it will do ok.

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    Anyone still read this?

    I bought two 5.11 shirt holsters, and have a number of issues;
    1) Seams are itchy. Thread is nylon and causes redness and itching wherever they are.
    2) Every gun I've tried falls forward and out between the Velcro strips.

    I added some Velcro to keep my gun from falling out, and my tailor added buttons to many of my shirts for quick access, so those issues have theoretically been solved.
    My questions:
    Does anyone else deal with the itchiness? What did you do about it?
    What did you do about the gun falling out?

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