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Thread: I received my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

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    I've had my Crossbreed for about 1 year now and it has worn in very well. Very comfortable. I pack a full size 1911. And it dose a great job.

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    Re-affirmation of excellence

    Quote Originally Posted by willyNY View Post
    I am especially impressed with the mag carrier. Because there is only 1 clip, the carrier will flop into my pants when they are down (They are only down for legitimate business). I have expected it to break, permanently bend, or pull off of the rivet, but it has held strong and shows no signs of damage.

    I highly recommend this rig.
    Alright, so my original post was on 4-29-08. After ~1 year of constant use, a crack started on my mag carrier clip.

    I made a glue repair to keep the crack from spreading and contacted Mark at CrossBreed Holsters. I got a reply that same day that he would take care of it and less than a week later, I am all fixed up. No fuss, no muss.

    I stand by my previous comments that the CrossBreed products are among the best available. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction ensured that I was not without the best means of protection available to an individual. You can be sure I will do more business with them in the future.

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    Thanks again for sharing. It is comforting to know he has great customer service.

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    Is the supertuck completely hidden in dress pants, tucked in dress shirt, with no "bousing" needed?


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    hide it well

    I can hide the gun pretty well with whatever I wear. My normal daily dress is business casual, and it is not an issue to conceal with a polo tucked into khakis. That is what happens 1st thing when I get home from work. I will note that my employer has a stict gun-free policy and I am not going to be be the one to test it out. I do not carry a firearm at work.

    With dressier clothing, hiding it becomes a little more difficult. Slight blousing of the shirt will keep printing from being a problem, but with lighter shirts, my black Glock shines through like a beacon. Adjusting the ride depth and cant will go a long way towards making the rig even better hidden, but you are going to have to do some work with the shirt to break up the outline unless you have the "perfect" body shape.

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    I have two of them.....they are great.
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  8. I just ordered one. I have been using a C-Tac and like it, but am looking forward to the addition of leather backing.
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  9. Ordered mine for my SP101 & it took all of a week from order to receipt. That's fast. This has got to be the most comfortable holster I've ever worn, & it's not even broken in yet.

    I've heard from other buyers that these holsters have a funny smell when new. No kidding. I think the leather is processed with fish oil. ?? Odd. Well, word is that the smell will fade after a short while.

    Robert in the hills of Tennessee

  10. I got mine as well. Very impressed with the comfort already and not even broken in.

    I do experience the issue with the smell. The smell of leather becomes quite accentuated when mixed with sweat as well. Nobody has mentioned anything yet, but I am waiting for someone to ask what that new cologne is that I am wearing.
    "Always at your command"
    "לפקודה תמיד אנחנו"

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    I have been using my Crossbreed supertuck every day since I received it. As a whole I have been quiet pleased with it, but a few weeks ago my rear belt clip broke and my front belt clip now has a crack in it. About 20 minutes ago I emailed Crossbreed to make them aware of the problem. I have already received a response and he said he was aware of the problem and was going to send me out a new set tomorrow. Talk about customer service! Thanks to Crossbreed.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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