Good CCW holster for Ruger P90
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Thread: Good CCW holster for Ruger P90

  1. Good CCW holster for Ruger P90

    Been looking for a good CCW holster for my P90. I have hunted the interwebz like a mad man. It seems that unless you have a Glock, S&W M&P, or whatever else is "popular" you're SOL.

  3. I guess that after ten days and 136 people looking at this, I really am SOL. So, I'll start cutting leather to make my own. Thanks for the (non) help.

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    I have a p95 check eBay there is this really nice one for like 30-40 bucks I
    Forget whatnot
    Is called. But it is iwb. I will probably purchase it when I get some extra dough. But u gotta realize that they don't make a lot of IWB holsters for that gun because it's huge and hard to conceal

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    Try Mackenzie Holsters I got one for my RUger P90 from them and it fits like a glove. It is a hybrid like the CBST it comes with combat cut and I got mine in horsehide I had it within 5 days of ordering it. They have lifetime warranty with all there holsters. I paid $52.95 total for mine and I can tell you it is very comfortable and I love it. Check them out at Mackenzie Enterprise!, Take Charge Now!

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