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    phillyedc/phlster Kydex gear

    Has anybody checked out PhillyEDC's youtube channel? Looks like he does awesome kydex work and posts tons of how-to videos, he's one of a few that makes kydex holsters for Sig 1911's, his facebook page (phlster) has pics of finished products, he replies very fast to emails and seems like a really good guy. He also has a holster already made for the new M&P Shield. Check him out, he's inspired my friend and I to attempt our own kydex gear. I'll post more when my friend gets his hster for his Sig Scorpion.

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    I've seen his vids, he does do very nice work. But I'm also iffy on 100% Kydex IWB's, can't see them being to comfortable.

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    I'm good with full kydex owb, especially if his holsters are as concealable as my Raven Concealment, and I don't see why they arent. We'll see when my friend gets his.

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