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Thread: holster for Sr40c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simple_Man View Post
    Check Out Mackenzie Holsters also I have 3 of them and love them. I don't like to bash other holster makers but I have had lots and Mackenzie is among the best I have owned. Give them a try, half the price of the other big names and I promise you the Quality is just as good if not better. check them out at www.mackenzieholsters.com
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    I have this versacarry and am excited to try it out

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    I picked up one of these, off of ebay, to go with my recent SR40C purchase. You could see some of them there are of poor quality, but this one is sturdy, and well made. It could be worn IWB or OWB and in multiple positions. It's the first holster I decided to try. So far, I wear it outside, and at about 2:30. The belt holes are roomy enough, with my belt, to allow a canted carry, and it sits close enough to just let a tee shirt hang down without much printing. I have a larger frame (6'04" and 310lbs) so I doubt I'll be able to IWB, but this holster is a start for me. Good luck, keep us posted!

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    I carry an SR40c and have IWB and OWB holsters. They both are fine holsters and I recommend them.........
    My OWB is an STX seen here...
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    My IWB is a MAX TUCK seen here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacey Strick View Post
    I don't have an answer for a holster but I would like to know how you like the gun.
    I love mine! Well balanced and accurate right out of the box. Fits well in my hand, and carries well also. I went with the 40 over the 9 because the shop had 40's in stock. There was a waiting list for the SR9C. The 40 is the same size weapon (basically just a bigger "pipe"), and same price. I figured, more stopping power, so why not?

    Here's the first 8 through my SR40C

    This is the second trip to the range... to make sure the defense rounds would cycle properly. The gun performed flawlessly!

    Second mag through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAGB83 View Post
    Hi Everyone,
    First of all,Im fairly new to this forum. Tons of great info here! I have recently purchased a SR40C Ruger and I'm having a heck of a time finding a holster company that makes for this model! Help! My apologies if this question has come up in the past,I didnt bother to search.
    I too own a Ruger SR40c and have two holsters for the gun, both of which work very well. The first is a Crossbreed Supertuck with combat cut. If you use the flat base plate the gun will absolutely disappear underneath even a slightly lose cover shirt. You could also try Tagua Gunleather - I have a quickdraw holster from them that serves it's purpose very well.

    You may also want to try going on ebay and just doing a search for ruger sr40c and see what it pulls up.

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    Ruger SR series are very nice, I have a SR9c.

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    http://nm-holsters.com/products for a great leather holster

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