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Thread: Anyone tried the cell pal holster recently?

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    I should have mentioned in the original post: I work in a business environment which requires tucked shirts, so any IWB option would have to be tuckable.
    Forget tuckable. Tuckable = 2 handed draw, and a pain in the butt. Get a small gun and a pocket holster. (Think Ruger LCR, Ruger LCP, or similar.) Note also that a huge advantage of this method is that if you feel you might be in a dangerous situation, you can stick your hand in your pocket and grip the gun, with no one having any idea that you're anywhere near drawing.
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    How about the Sneaky Pete Holster. Anyone have any experience with this one. I wear my shirts tucked so the cover garment is not an option during the summer and down here most of the winter.


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    Sorry I am new and asking a dumb question. What is the difference between tuckable and IWB ? Tuckable is not pocket carry, Correct? I know what IWB is , Is tuckable in the waist without clips etc ? Just pressure?

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    The Kholster inside the waistband holster offers clips that allow you to tuck your shirt in. Here's the link for it. Holsters

    This holster is very comfortable. The leather keeps all parts of the gun off your skin. The kydex frame of the holster is made specifically for your model firearm and can be canted to fit how you want it to fit. I've even clipped this holster onto a pair of pajamas and it stayed comfortably close to my body.
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    I have not tried the cell pal, but was intrigued by it, I decided it wasnt for me, when I heard you had to have your pants loose, and have to have both hands to draw from, and especially return to the holster. If you wear tucked shirts all the time, I have some ideas for you, I have been carrying non stop 365 days a year 24/7 for the past year and shoot IDPA with my carry rig and do it well, what I have learned is that iwb will be your fastest to draw from, I carry a glock 19 with a galco king tuck, which has been sufficiently comfortable for daily carry, I have also tried carrying that in business attire and figured out that will not work, it was too bulky. Start with the gun, I would look for a single stack 9 or what ever is thinnest first, secondly try to keep the handle short so it hugs your body, then carry it in a crossbreed super tuck, or mini tuck, depending on the gun size, stay away from that versa carry, it's not tuck able and also it does not cover the trigger fully, which is a no no. If you find that iwb won't work, I would go with pocket carry, because it is the most concealable in theory, also you can have your hand on your gun without anyone else's knowledge, with the downside of slowed draw speed and limited access while seated, which ever of the two you choose, I imagine it will have a limited capacity, so i would really recommend the tuck able ammo carrier also from crossbreed. Now whatever works for you, what I did to make sure I was prepared and like my carry set up was order the holster and buy the matching training gun(blue gun) and wear it around for a little. If you don't like it you can often return the holster and blue guns are cheap. For maximum comfort while iwb wear an under shirt if it gets sticky.

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    I'm not a big guy (5'7" 150 lbs) and I normally carry my LCP in a Fobus paddle holster under my T-shirt Fobus Holster: RUGER LCP - EVOLUTION PADDLE HOLSTER

    No one has ever noticed my gun and it is very comfortable for me. I also carry my XD-40 Sub-compact in a blackhawk paddle holster but that is noticeable under my T-shirt.

    It just depends on the gun of course. Smaller guns slide in to the inner pocket of my Carhart jacket really well so when it's chilly out, that is what I do.

    I'm sure the cell holster will be nice but in my opinion, the fobus would be better for ease of draw.

  8. I tried using a cell pal for about ten minutes and discovered a major flaw in the design. Without a shirt on it takes both hands to draw. With a shirt,jacket, or both on you need one hand to clear the garment and two hands to draw. I only have the two hands so I always come up a hand short when trying to draw from a cell pal.

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    I use the Desntis Sof-Tuck 10685 & 10674 for both my 1911 and Colt Gov't .380 both can be used with tucked in shirt. I live in S. Fla. and have been very comfortable with both. It's quick to reholster. It gets more comfortable over time.

    I tried the cell pal at a gun show and was not impressed.

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