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    Thumbs up White Hat MaxTuck

    I purchased a Max Tuck from White Hat Holsters awhile back for my PT140 Pro. I became even more pleased with it after acquiring a Ruger SR40c and ordering a new Kydex for my Max Tuck for $20 instead of needing to buy a whole new holster.
    I highly recommend White Hat if you have or plan to have one or more carry pieces.

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    I have one for my Glock 19. I love it. so comfortable. Reasonable price too.

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    I have one but still waiting on my CWP to come in. Been wearing it around the house to break it in and I'm pleased with it so far. Best part is I don't have to buy a whole new holster when I get another gun.

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    I'm very pleased with mine.

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    I carry my Glock 26 in a horsehide White Hat. Love it.

    Tony Farah, White Hat's owner, is a great guy. He'll take care of you.
    G'Day and G'lock

  7. I use the White Hat for my Bersa Thunder and love it. Very comfortable and easy to change the position of it for carring.
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    Finally got my CWP so I have had the chance to try mine out, outside the house. Works really good. Ride the bike all day Sat and it was comfortable. I got the velcro clips and the velcro has come off one of the clips twice in 2 days of carrying. Might have to swap to the J clips or mettle ones.

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