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  1. I carry a glock 30 in a crossbreed super tuck. IMHO it is more comfortable than my Fobus paddle holster even.

    But the paddle holster is easier to get on and off if you are going somewhere where carry is not allowed.


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    i just order a IWB that is very similar to the crossbreed but is made by oldfaithful holsters, 50 year warranty, wide selection of color variants, cheaper and offer a kit in which you put together yourself to save a little money. this is the option i chose.

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    I love my white hat holster. I EDC a1911 in it and it's great. A little cheaper then crossbreed and changeable kydex for about 20 bucks. Great quality and warranty.

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    I've got an Arm-A-Dillo from (same concept):

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    perhaps just adjusting the cant might make it easier to drive with it?
    i'm looking to get gear so i'm reading all i can about pros and cons of what is out there for me
    so thanks for the imput
    Super Tuks are very nice. However, I went with a White Hat IWB for my G26, simply because the horsehide option is the same price as the cowhide. Supertuk charges an extra $10 for horsehide.
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  7. I have the Horsehide crossbreed supertuck for my Glock G30SF.
    Great holster, I had to cant it max foward to clear my sore hip joint, but once adjusted, I hardly feel it.
    I do wear suspenders due to the weight of the G30SF, though.

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    I wear mine all day everyday with 2 hrs minimum of driving and as long as it is behind seat beat buckle I don't even notice it is there. I got mine at Mackenzie Holster I am sure you will find a lot of good feedback on them here and other places on the net has a Lifetime warranty on his holsters and is very good to work with and turn around is a lot faster than most of the High Dollar holsters. Here is a post I found here on USA Carry.

    My two cents... I have a MacKenzie IWB (Kydex/Leather) that I carry my XD45 in. I love it! It's been very comfortable in the 4 o'clock position even driving for hours in my truck. They often have a by an IWB / get an OWB for free here on USA Carry. I have both and think they're great.

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    I have two of the Crossbreed Supertucks for my XD Compact 45. I ordered the plain one first to try it out, but came across a posting on another site mentioning they had a site for seconds/ blemished holsters ( I got the horse hide for $45.00 +$8.00 for shipping. I put two very light coats of mink oil on it and love it! I still prefer my Blackhawk CQC Serpa, but I do like the fit/ concealment of the Crossbreed.

  10. I run a G19 in a Supertuck Deluxe on a 1.75" Wilderness belt. I have found this system to be both very comfortable and concealable. I highly recommend!

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    I've been carrying a Glock 19 in a Supertuck for almost 3 years. I have the proverbial box of holsters but the Supertuck is by far the most comfortable and the one I use for all day carry. I have no trouble wearing in the seated position, even when driving long distances.

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